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Our core contributions turn on:

Enterprise bargaining

Training for bargaining, preparing the parties to apply proven processes and methodologies (covering off good faith bargaining, and the suite of bargaining models and techniques). Joint training for the representatives is what we normally recommend. )

Preparing for bargaining, helping the parties decide their approach to a next round of negotiations. (See Preparation for Bargaining )

Facilitating bargaining, assisting the parties arrive at intelligent deals in an efficient and constructive way. (See out Think Tank page and also our Facilitating Enterprise Bargaining service)


Managing change for mutual gain

Workplace change and improvement, helping the parties engage with one another productively – often through consultative processes – to enhance business outcomes and improve the workplace environment for employers and employees alike.

Organisational change and issues resolution generally, for instance, helping a company's R & D department click with its marketing team, helping with an internal restructure, or problem-solving inter-personal matters.

Relationship-building, supporting the parties to identify ways to improve relationships in the workplace. (See Relationship-building)


Resolving interpersonal issues

Individual relations, getting to the bottom of interpersonal or individual issues hampering relations and results at the workplace.


Think about us if you need –

Strategic advice

Workplace relationship management and relationship-building

Facilitation of workplace change

Problem-solving and work process improvement

Joint union-management training in preparation for bargaining or consultations

Facilitation of bargaining

Mediation of disputes

Voluntary arbitration of disputes

Review and adaptation of consultative and negotiating structures

Drafting and settling of consultative committee constitutions and other labour-management charters

Consultative committee training

Workplace conflict analysis

Dispute system design

Stakeholder relations services outside the workplace

Investigations, fact- finding, inquiries into discrimination, bullying, harassment, performance and other workplace behaviours and issues — providing an impartial analysis and, if requested, proposing potential solutions