Our role: facilitating constructive engagement


CoSolve sets out to help employers, employees and their representatives build and sustain great workplaces

To establish a competitive edge, employers need to be able to draw fully on the skills, ideas and commitment of their employees. To be motivated, employees need be treated with respect, given opportunities, acknowledged and rewarded for their efforts. And unions, if they are to be workplace contributors and not only defenders of their members' interests and entitlements, need to be fully recognized for both their historic and developing roles.

Our job

We are essentially a resource to the parties in contexts where stakeholder consent is needed to achieve outcomes. If the parties are able to get agreement on the way forward through direct discussions, consultations or negotiations, well and good.

However, where issues are complex, stakes high or baggage troublesome, it's often sensible for the parties to go further and engage a joint resource – a facilitator whose job is not to give partisan advice but to promote the prospects of an agreed outcome or pathway. A skilled facilitator can take the parties where they cannot go in unmediated exchanges.

Using a facilitator does not mean abdicating responsibility; rather resourcing a process with appropriate support measures where circumstances warrant this.